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Dos Lunas is a specially aged raw cow’s milk cheese, vegetarian from vegetable rennet and Non GMO. Our milk comes from grass-fed, free-roaming cows in Schulenburg, Texas.

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Our Mission


The three core values of Dos Lunas Artisan Cheese are…

Happiness. Health. Pleasure.


We make, first and foremost, the best cheese possible.


We do this by…

making every part of our business enjoyable

and of benefit to ourselves and to others


by committing ourselves to the integrity of our product and our process,


by using exclusively and only the healthiest milk and the highest quality of every other ingredient,

and by continually exploring the artistic process of cheesemaking itself.


We understand that these commitments make our product more expensive, and we smile as we say that, because…


the integrity of our process,

and our commitment to constantly iterating the efficiency and effectiveness of our production and our business practices,

mean that our special products are the least expensive they can always be.


We anchor these commitments on…

Kindness, the highest form of integrity.

We are therefore committed to being kind to each other and to everyone we work with, from our suppliers and our vendors to our chefs and our customers, to our cows and to our earth.


We believe that all of this warmth and commitment to integrity makes what we make uniquely and energetically excellent.